Sunday, 15 January 2017

First Full Week Back at Work

If, like me, last week was my first full week back at work plus the Son returned to college.   It was the normal stresses of getting the Son out of bed and to the bus stop. In fact, my new Fitbit actually shows me how my heart rate goes up trying to do this.  

On top of getting  back to normality, the Husband had the nasty cold that is going about and due to changes at work and general staffing issues, he had to work through and Lola (above) is having a phantom pregnancy and carries a little green toy with her everywhere.    I must admit, this is a new one.

Happy Birthday to my Sister, Bernice today.

I wonder what next week has in store.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy New Year to you all.  

2016 ended pretty well in the Sword Household - the festive period had been less problematic than last year although the Son is still obsessed with drugs and had managed to get himself suspended from college for rude behaviour.  We find out tomorrow whether he is accepted back on.  What I find strange that over Christmas he was telling his grandfather how much he enjoyed the course so why does he behave like this and could end up risking his place.   It is like living with someone with a split personality.

But do you know - I have to learn that some things I cannot change and so this year I am going to deal with the Son differently - I am going to try and step back (easier said then done for me) and let him make his own decisions whether I agree with them or not.  Instead of waiting for a change that may not happen, I want the rest of the family to be able to move on and live their lives without this world of limbo that we currently seem to be in.

Let's see ..............

Sunday, 9 October 2016

What a mixed week it has been.

I will start with the good news, I have finally hit my target weight loss which means that this time last year, I was nearly a stone heavier and I can finally get back into my skinny Levis's without that roll hanging over the top :)

Also the Daughter had a good review at work and is being put forward for promotion - well done the Daughter.

Not so good related to the Son.   Had a call from the college to say that he has been disruptive in class and disrespectful to the teachers.    I was very surprised as he kept telling us how much he was enjoying the course and stupidly, he is good at it too.

Thursday we were due to meet the teachers to discuss this but whilst at work I received 12 telephone calls to my phone whilst I was in a meeting, highly stressed that he was being made to wait in the classroom.   When I got there, he was highly agitated and aggressive.  The college has given him 2 weeks to turn it around or he is out.  To be honest, I think that was very generous of the college.

After speaking to his councillor on Friday, he calmed down and yesterday the two of us went shopping and we were able to talk about it rationally.   We have also arranged for him to see the doctor to get to the bottom of what is causing this behaviour as this is not the first time he has behaved like this.

He wants to go back to college tomorrow - how that work's out - we shall see.  Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Hello October - the season of falling leaves, comfy sweaters, hot chocolate with marshmallows sprinkled on top and cosy open fires.    Saying that - I am trying to persuade the Husband that we do need a mini break in the sunshine :)

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Lazy Sunday

What a lovely feeling, the alarm went off this morning but I hadn't have to get up.  So, I made a cup of tea, grabbed my book and went back to be bed.  Utter heaven.

This week has shown promising signs.  The Son has started a college course which he seems to be enjoying.   He's even had tea with us most days which is probably down to the fact he is broke rather than wanting to spend any time with the "rents", as The Daughter would say.   However, small, positive steps.

I am feeling the need for a little sunshine before the cold weather sets in.  Any recommendations?

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Week 1 of 50

Happy to report that, so far, 50 is ok.  This week saw me 1lb off my target weight loss which I am hoping to achieve before The Boss returns from work  which is when we next do our weigh in :)    To help me get there I have decided to try the Jillian Michael 30 Day Shred.   Today (after a rather pleasant lie-in) is the day my 30 days shred starts ............. wish me luck.

If anyone is wondering how the Boy is behaving - no change there I'm afraid!!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Today is my birthday and yes I am 50 years old.

As today approached - well actually since January, I have been filled with utter dread as 50 just sounds so old to me.  All I could think of was elasticated waists, menopause and being eligible for Saga - there just seems nothing youthful about being 50.   But wait,  I have just read an article - apparently 50 is the new 34 and thanks to a number of high profile celebrities looking amazing at 50, there is a new word for glamorous 50 year old - "Quintastics".  Hell - I am going to try and be one too.

So from today onwards, I am going to enjoy the freedom I am starting to have now that the children are more independent - Bradley - please sort yourself out - thank you.  I am going to try and find some form of exercise I actually enjoy (I don't want bingo wings) and try and be more appreciative of what I have and not worry about what I haven't got.

Bottom line - I'm going to have some fun :)